Warbird Series 9mm 1.3# EPP Spitfire

Customers are always asking me "What do I need to complete this kit?"
This page contains all the pieces specifically for building and flying the 9mm EPP Spitfire.
You will need batteries, a transmitter and a receiver as well.

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Picture of the EPP Spitfire

The Spitfire has always been one of my favorite planes and it never seems to get as much exposure as it deserves with the popularity of P-51 Mustangs as a model subject. We have put the ease of keylocked foam construction and the simplicity of flat foamies into a well performing version of this WWII classic. With our standard completer kit below you can get unlimited vertical performance and the great profile of the elliptical wing of the Spitfire. We have remained true to the outlines of the plane while moving the hingelines to give great control in the air. As with our other models, our Spitfire instructions are supplied in paper form with the kit but are also available on the website with expanding color pictures of all the steps for clarity.

The EPP Spitfire YouTube video playlist.

This kit uses the Standard 9mm EPP completer below.

Flat Foamie Series 34" 9mm EPP Spitfire
Spitfire Kit Contents


Select prop based on 2S or 3S battery.

Creation date: Saturday January 28, 2017
Last updated: Thursday October 31, 2019

For more information send email to RA Cores

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