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ECOMP 6016   Teaching and Learning with Digital Media

Technology in Education Program
Lesley University

[Mary Hopper managed the combination of the required course ECOMP 5016 Teaching and Learning with Multimedia and the very popular elective ECOMP 6010 The Educational Uses of Video into a new required course during the 2005/2006 academic year. The new course was approved and taught for the first time Summer 2006.]

Course Description

This course will help educators to harness the power of digital media for teaching and learning. They will learn to use that power to transform traditional teacher-centered classrooms into student-focused learning environments where students use digital media for the acquisition, analysis, construction, and presentation of knowledge. Hands on experiences will also help them develop proficiency with the tools and skills needed for authoring and publishing digital media in a variety of formats.

on the web [All documents below are in MS Word Format.]

Key Documents
Planning Grid
Software Table

Major Assignments
Course Project
Video Safari
Make of...
Media Literacy and You
Media Collage

Mary E. Hopper [MEHopper] | MEHopper@TheWorld.com [posted 02/02/05 | revised 07/14/06]