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Welcome to my digital archive!
I have dedicated my career to studying and making innovative
digital media environments for communicating knowledge to
a wide range of audiences across a variety of disciplines.

This led me to a quite a few interesting adventures.
The links on the left will take you to some of them...
Biographical sketch with summary of publications, projects and other activities.
Culmination of agenda to create innovative interfaces to knowledge (1983-Present).
Organization I founded to build knowledge resources and interfaces (2006-2012).
Courses I taught while I was a Lecturer at Northeastern University (2006-2012).
Activities while I was an Assistant Professor at Lesley University (2003-2006)
Affiliations, projects and activities while I was at MIT (1996-2000).
Computer services firm I founded in Harvard Square (1994-1998).
Work completed while I was a student at Purdue University (1980-1993).
Flip Side
I do take a break every once in awhile...
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