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ECOMP 5016   Teaching and Learning with Multimedia

Technology in Education Program
Lesley University

[Mary Hopper assumed mentorship of this course during the 04/05 academic year.]

Course Description
This course will examine the means by which educators can transform a traditional teacher-centered classroom into a student-focused learning environment using multimedia technologies. These technologies will be applied to the acquisition, analysis, construction, and presentation of knowledge. Students will develop skills to broaden their awareness of multimedia tools and techniques. Through research, discussion, and practice, participants will discover how to integrate existing technologies across the curriculum. Multiple intelligences, learning preferences and alternative assessments will be addressed.
Course Objectives
  • develop proficiency using multimedia tools and techniques
  • create a plan for the integration and management of multimedia technology in the classroom
  • create multimedia rich learning environments in which students will demonstrate understanding through the construction of knowledge
  • solve problems individually, collaboratively, and cooperatively in the construction and implementation of multimedia projects
  • incorporate learning theory and research into instructional design
  • evaluate alternative assessment strategies and tools.

    Sections Taught:
    Savannah, GA, Jan/Feb, 2006
    Durango, CO, Jan/Feb, 2006
  • on the web

    Sample Syllabus

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