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ECOMP 6010   Video as an Educational Tool

Technology in Education Program
Lesley University

[Mary Hopper assumed mentorship of this course during the 04/05 academic year.
She managed the combination of this course with the required course ECOMP 5016]

Course Description
This course utilizes the power of television and computers as teaching tools. Students will become familiar with using cable and satellite delivered educational materials. Participants will learn to incorporate video programming; the Internet, online data services, and video capture techniques to enhance the learning experience. The analog world of television will meet the digital worlds of information.
Course Objectives
  • Introduce teachers to instructional television and associated teacher support materials
  • Gain functional knowledge of educational video resources delivered by cable, DBS satellite, broadcast television, and the Internet.
  • Develop an appreciation for the many uses a television and VCR, can have in the classroom setting.
  • Consider the impact that instructional television will have on society and schools.
  • Examine television and the Internet as new components in creating effective distance learning environments.
  • Establish criteria for using television and developing media literacy skills in the classroom.
  • Develop an understanding for the utilization of video resources beyond the television and incorporate video resources in a multimedia world.
  • Investigate the potential for incorporating television resources in the development of school curriculum.
  • Discover the rich potential of the Internet as it pertains to educational television.

    Sections Taught:
    Augusta, GA, Nov/Dec, 2005
    Sumter, SC, Nov/Dec, 2005
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    Example Syllabus

    Mary E. Hopper [MEHopper] | MEHopper@TheWorld.com [posted 02/02/05 | revised 06/09/06]