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ECOMP 5018   Introduction to Educational Robotics

Technology in Education Program
Lesley University

[Mary Hopper served as course mentor for this popular elective that was taught by 15 adjunct faculty.
She focused on preparing an online version and exploring expanded options for content and materials.]

ECOMP 5018 - Introduction to Educational Robotics provides the knowledge and experience that educators need to understand and integrate robotics and related technologies into a wide range of educational settings. This course prepares teachers to empower students to master their 21st Century "smart world" where robotics and related technologies are ubiquitous and then helps them to see how these same technologies can be used to transform how students learn, as well as what they learn across the curriculum. Teachers who take this course learn to understand, build and use the essential mechanical, electronic, sensor and computing systems that make up robotic and related technologies; participate in robotics construction and programming challenges that enable teachers, as students, to use technologies to communicate, design, invent and learn and through these experiences help them value and find ways to create similar learning experiences for their students; evaluate educational robotics products for classroom use relative to learner, curriculum and other factors; and finally, learn creative ways to integrate robotics technologies and topics into their classrooms in ways that connect to both student technology standards and content standards across the curriculum.

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Syllabus [MS Word]
Welcome [MS Powerpoint]
Overview [MS Powerpoint]
Section 1: Robotics as Content to Enhance Technological Literacy
Technology [MS Powerpoint]
Midterm Introduction [MS Powerpoint]
Midterm Assignment [MS Word]
Robot Driving Practice, LCSI's Microworlds [MS Word]
Robot Anatomy and Products Lab [MS Word]
Advanced Products [MS Word]
Section 2: Robotics as Context to Foster “21st Century Skills”
21st Century Skills [MS Powerpoint]
Robotics Competitions, Exploration [MS Word]
Robotics Competitions, Handout [MS Word]
Design and Construction [MS Powerpoint]
Bug Exercise, Lego [MS Word]
Section 3: Robotics as Curriculum to Integrate Across Content Areas
Integration [MS Powerpoint]
Final Project Assignment [MS Word]
Final Project, Hall of Fame [MS Word]
Curriculum Standards [MS Word]
Product Purchasing Activity [MS Word]
Stickbots: Using Crickets and other Fun Stuff
Special curriculum developed by Mary Hopper especially for use with Handy Crickets!
Meet-A-Cricket, Introduction [MS Powerpoint]
Not-A-Bots, Exercise [MS Word]
Sort-A-Bots, Exercise [MS Word]
Stickbots, Introduction [MS Powerpoint]
Stickbots, Ingredients [MS Word]
Stickbots, Exercise [MS Word]
Build-A-Bot, Introduction [MS Powerpoint]
Build-A-Bot, Activity [MS Word]
Build-A-Bot, Design [MS Word]
Build-A-Bot, Rubric [MS Word]

Courses Mary Hopper taught in an intensive weekend format:
[2 weekends, 1 month apart, Fri. 5=10 PM, Sat.8-5, Sun. 8-5]
Grand Junction, CO Aug/Sept 2003 [TA]
Charleston, SC Dec 2003/Jan 2004
Green Bay, WI Feb/Mar 2004
Las Vegas, NV Apr/May 2004
Conway, SC June/July 2004
Sumter, SC July/Aug 2004
Kent, WA Sept/Oct 2004
Savannah, GA Nov/Dec 2004
Spartanburg, SC Mar/Apr 2005
College Park, GA July/Aug 2005
Cumming, GA May/June 2005 (Ed.S. Cohort)
Savannah, GA Nov/Dec 2005

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