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Astronomy, Grades 4-6, Summer 1989
Developed and Taught by Mary E. Hopper

Content: The emphasis of this course was on the development
of astronomy a science. Students learned about the people who
made great contributions. They also investigated what these
contributions were and what impact they had on our understanding
of astronomical studies.
Course Outline
1. Prehistoric (before 2000 B.C.) Pretest, Introduction, Constellations
2. Ancient, Constellations (Cont.), Moon, Earth
3. Medieval, Discovery of Planets
4. Copernican Revolution (1500-1700), Solar System, Telescopes
5. Early Modern (1700-1950), Physical Laws, Galaxies, Universe
6. Late Modern (1950-1985), Space Program
7. Present, Stellar Evolution
8. Future, Extraterrestrial Life, Projects
9. Summary, Projects, Post Test

[Some of the course content was based upon material that
was learned in a course that I took as a freshman at Purdue
called Exploring the Astrophysical World which was taught
by Thomas J. Moffett.]

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