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Humanities, Social Science and Education Library

[While the School of Humanities Social Science & Education (HSSE)
split up into the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Education,
the library has retained the title which includes both. I worked in
this library in various roles throughout my undergradate years.]

Gift Book Collection

[This was a unit located in the HSSE library, and I worked there
for a year doing bibliographic work for stacks and stacks of fairly
old books that had been donated to the Purdue University's libraries.
It was one of my favorite jobs ever!]

Special Collections

[I always thought it was neat that Purdue University is home to the
Amelia Earhart Collection!]

The Online Resource (THOR)

[I remember working in the library when the first THOR (The Online Resource)
was tested and implemented. Later, while taking classes at Simmons College's
Graduate School of Library and Information Science I looked more deeply into
PACs and was interested to note that Purdue University was using Endeavor,
the same system as the Library of Congress.]

In July of 1998 the Purdue Libraries implemented a new engine for THOR and other
automated library functions. This new engine is Voyager from Endeavor Information
Systems, Inc. of Des Plaines, Illinois. This implementation is the culmination of a
rigorous two-year process that involved, not only the Purdue Libraries, but also
faculty, staff, and students across campus. Teams within the libraries are now working
to insure that the transition from the old engine to the new will be as smooth as
possible. Users of the new THOR should be pleased with the graphical interface and
increased functionality. Acquiring this new engine is a significant step in improving
access to information for the Purdue community.

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Humanities, Social Science and Education Library

Special Collections

Amelia Earhart Collection

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