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[1993 Version]

Educational Research and Information Systems (ERIS) is a division within Freshman Engineering at Purdue. The primary goals of the group are to conduct educational research studies and provide information that will facilitate the development and enhancement in the quality of engineering education at Purdue in particular and higher education in general. Major focus of ERIS activities is at the undergraduate level, but the scope is broad and includes pre-college and post-college activities as well. ERIS provides information and services to the Minorities, Women, Counselor-Tutorial and Honors programs in Freshman Engineering, as well as the Academic Counseling, Day-Campus, and instructional programs of Freshman Engineering. ERIS also provides support for the multiple surveys conducted to evaluate Purdue programs. This comprehensive program includes a very large scale student database which includes extensive pre-college, college and post-college information. Institutional and national studies of engineering education have been conducted by this group including the National Engineering Utilization Study (1984-86) and National Engineering Career Development Study (1981-84). (Hopper, 1993)
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