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Freshman Engineering (FrE), the academic Department that sponsored the ESCAPE project, is oriented towards the guidance and initiation of incoming engineers, before they enter their choice of twelve engineering disciplines. The Department of Freshman Engineering is responsible for coordinating the pre-college and pre-professional programs of Purdue's Schools of Engineering. Students (2000-2500/yr.) are retained in Freshman Engineering until they complete the pre-engineering program. The pre-professional Freshman Engineering programs include an initial day-on-campus program for beginning students, a computerized optimal course and program placement system; specialized technical interest inventory and career development self appraisal systems; a computerized registration system; special programs for women, under-represented minority, honors and high-risk students; an academic advisory and engineering counseling system; an engineering career orientation course; courses designed to meet the special needs of women, minorities, honors and high-risk students and a diversified counseling staff including engineering faculty, professional counselors, and student-peer counselors. (Hopper, 1993)

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