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591K: Educational Applications of HyperCard
(Now EDCI 566: Educational Applications of Hypermedia)

Examines educational applications of hypermedia tools. Create hypermedia instructional materials. Incorporation of digitized media (sound, photographs, and motion clips) in hypermedia will be explored. Research findings and projections will be examined. With the introduction of the HyperCard software environment for the Apple Macintosh family of computers, a new vehicle became available for the development and distribution of educational materials. At first approach, the HyperCard application system can be seen as a database construction tool with flexible graphics interface. The accessibility of HyperTalk, an object-oriented, event-driven programming language makes it more than a database tool. The course will explore uses of the HyperCard environment to date as well as what may be possible with it. HyperCard promises to bring computer control of text, graphics, and external devices within easy reach of teachers and students. Students with programming skills will be able to explore the limits of HyperTalk. Non-programmers will have a chance to see how much a little programming skill can enhance their effectiveness, but they will not be evaluated for their programming skill.

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