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EDCI 562 Educational Applications of Logo

Mary Hopper served as an Instructor for EDCI 562:Educational Applications of Logo (1993)
She taught numerous lectures and guided student's participation in lab exercises that provided hands-on experience with various versions of the Logo language and Lego/Logo materials.

Logo course examines the structure and capabilities of the language. Emphasis is given to examining the appropriate sequence and activities for use in teaching Logo in the public schools. Students will design and implement teaching materials in the language Logo for use on microcomputers. The goals of the course are to place Logo in an intellectual perspective as well as a practical one and to help students exploit its potential in educational settings. Logo is widely popular in elementary school, especially through the use of "turtle geometry" for creating graphic designs. New Logo extensions are becoming available which enhance its usefulness in other areas related to the curriculum. Sprite graphics word-worlds can be used by beginning readers. Robotics for children in the middle grades is now possible with Lego-Logo. In science, LogoWriter has proven a useful tool for creating dynamic reports -- text illuminated by diagrams with integrated simulations. For more advanced students, themes in mathematics and the sciences which use computational models are accessible through Logo. Some familiarity with Logo, through use, reading, or previous coursework is expected.

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