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ECOMP 7100   Fundamentals of Computer Structures
Technology in Education Program
Lesley University

[Mary Hopper taught this required course twice while a faculty member of TIE at Lesley University.]

Course Objectives

The overall objective is to improve your proficiency with computers and computer technology: learning the technological language (geek-speak), the concepts, and the ways to communicate about, prevent, and solve technical problems, so that you can function effectively in educational settings with computers. This means:

Sumter, SC, Jan 16-18 / Feb 13-15, 2004 [Teaching Assistant]
Sumter, SC, Sep 17-19/ Oct 15-17, 2004
Orangeburg, SC, Nov 12-14 Dec 10-12, 2004

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Example Course Syllabus

Bill Barowy, Course Mentor
Home Page, 7100 Course Description

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