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Directed by John F. Feldhusen

The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) was founded in 1978 to further the development of gifts and talents in individuals throughout their lifespan. The institute conducts research on the psychology of talent development, trains professionals from all nations to promote the development of individuals who have gifts and talents, and provides services to talented individuals and their families.


[The following are programs and projects that I was involved
with while I was a graduate student at GERI from 1985 to 1989.]

Graduate Program

[I also took graduate courses and earned a GT teaching endorsement.]

The graduate programs in gifted education train professionals for
the fields of gifted education and talent development. Our program
of graduate studies offers a unique blend of exciting coursework;
hands-on experiences in teaching, counseling, consulting, and
administration; and opportunities to work with faculty in a
variety of disciplines. MS graduates work in local school
systems teaching gifted students and furthering the development
of special programs and services for gifted and talented youth.

on the web

GERI Web Site

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