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Mon, 3 Mar 1997 15:32:09 -0600

I have been following your learning org digest for awhile and want to
read more about learning organizations. I have read The Fifth
Discipline and The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook but that's it.

I went to look up additional books at books and found
something over 100 books in this category.

I'm listing the ones that had cool sounding titles:

Synchronicity : The Inner Path of Leadership; Joseph Jaworski, et al;

Building the Learning Organization : A Systems Approach to Quantum
Improvement and Global Success by Michael J. Marquardt

The Faster Learning Organization : Gain and Sustain the Competitive
Edge (Warren Bennis Executive Briefing Series) by Bob Guns, Kristin

Leveraging Knowledge : The 17-Day Program for a Learning Organization
by Patrick J. Thurbin, Patrick J. Thrubin

Sculpting the Learning Organization : Lessons in the Art and Science
of Systemic Change (The Jossey-Bass Management);Karen E. Watkins,
Victoria J. Marsick;

Competitive Advantage Through Diversity : Organizational Learning from
Difference; Peter Herriot, Carole Pemberton;

Learning Conversations : The Self-Organized Learning Way to Personal
and Organizational Growth; Sheila Harri-Augstein, Laurie F. Thomas;

The Politics of Ethics : Methods for Acting, Learning and Sometimes
Fighting With Others in Addressing Problems in Organizational Life
(Ruffin Series); Richard P. Nielsen;

Reflections on Creating Learning Organizations; Kellie Wardman
O'Reilly, Kellie T. Wardman;

Learning Organizations : Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace;
Sarita Chawla, John Renesch;

Sculpting the Learning Organization : Lessons in the Art and Science
of Systemic Change (The Jossey-Bass Management); Karen E. Watkins,
Victoria J. Marsick;


Does anyone have recommendations for good books (or other aids) in
this area? Are there any consensus favorites?

I am trying to develop tools (exercises, presentations, etc) that I
can use in my organization to get people on a bandwagon for this
stuff. I am also interested in increasing the depth of my own

I thank anyone and everyone for their anticipated help


Jim Bender

Director of Research
Immunotherapy Division
Baxter Healthcare Corp

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