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Interesting List.

Bennis isn't bad. Here's a few related titles that one might not think

Quality Software Management - Gerry Weinberg. Vol 1 - "Systems
Thinking", Vol 2 - "First Order Measurement", Vol 3 - "Congruent Action"
(I think on that last one.)

The systems tools are pretty good. The measurement is interesting because
Gerry builds on Vol 1, to take a "systems" approach to measurement. He's
really talking about "what does this mean". In reality it's all about
personal and organizational development.

Mastery - George Leonard.

This is a martial artist (and seveal other things as well) talking about
the process of ongoing, personal growth.

Peak Performers - Dr. Charles Garfield

He's written a couple of books with similar titles. The first one, this
one, is talking about peak performance in a business context. He puts
forward 7 attributes of peak performers/peak performance. Makes persuasive
argument for how/why.

Critical Path - R. Buckminster Fuller

He's making future-oriented predictions. What is most useful is his
"systems" perspective on the world.

Frames of Mind - Howard Gardner

Jim Brooks - The Mythical Man-Month

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