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Responding to Creativity in Conservative Org LO12860 regarding the
Chemical Strategy

This is a difficult situation, but not unresolveable. You may want to
seriously consider hiring a professional facilitator to facilitate a
meeting of all stakeholders.

The first step is to gather all stakeholders and people with necessary
knowledge together simultaneously to open up a dialogue. Then get all of
the assumptions out, (everybody in the group will be working off of
different assumptions. These individuals' assumptions are the basis of
each person's understanding of the reality of the situation. You will
most likely find that everybody is working under the pretense of
completely different realities. First let me caution you in the approach.
The group MUST commit to the truth of achieving reconciliation to this
problem, that means they must come in with an open mind willing to develop
a workable solution. Without this commitment you will be dealing with
political forces and individual agendas that service the individuals'
purposes rather than working toward the best solution. This said, the
next step is for the group to challenge all of the assumptions for
validity. This exercise should produce a shared vision or reality. Unitl
this step is complete, your group can not hope to move forward to
solution. Once everybody has come to a consensus, and begins working from
the same set of assumptions, brainstorming can begin. This is where the
facilitator will add a tremendous amount of value. The facilitator can
help keep the focus, add process to the gathering and make the group's
time together more productive.

Hope this helps.



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