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Ricardo Ferraro G. da Silva (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 12:31:20 -0300 (EST)

Dear listers,

I am finishing my undergraduate course of psychology this semester, and
now I am planning to write my monography about organizational change.

I like the ideas of Rogers about facilitation and have a lot of doubts to
exchange with you not concerning just Rogers but about organizational
learning issues, books, and so on ... :-)

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and if you'd like any books in
portuguese that I could find here just tell.

Now I am working in a distributed governmental organization, spread for
all the country called "Rede Nacional de Pesquisa" (National Research
Network) that maintain one of the main Internet's Backbone in Brazil.

Since I am subscribed just to the digest version of the list, I will
receive just the shorter one time a day compilation, and if you'd like to
talk quicker to me please e-mail me at

peace for all, Ricardo.

[Host's Note: Welcome Ricardo! ...Rick]


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