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Responding to LO12742

I am familiar with the following titles:

> Reflections on Creating Learning Organizations; Kellie Wardman
> O'Reilly, Kellie T. Wardman;

On my perspective, this book shows how some key tools are being used in
real world, I recommend this book if you are eager to have a broad view
from a practical perspective, and besides you don't have much time to

> Learning Organizations : Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace;
> Sarita Chawla, John Renesch;

This is IMHO one of the best collection of papers and articles ever
published on the field. You can browse some of the chapters in
Productivity Press website <>

In adition, I would recommend:

The Knowledge Creating Company; Ikujiro Nonaka, Hirotaka Takeuchi; Oxford
University Press. -> Offers a thoughtful approach on the Learning
Organization, japanese style.

Hope this information be of your interest. By the way, I worked for Baxter
in Mexico 1987-1990, so I know the dynamics going on in this company.

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