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The following from your list are those I have personally enjoyed and would
recommend as "must haves", mostly because they each are a rich collection
on a variety of related topics.

Reflections on Creating Learning Organizations

Learning Organizations : Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace

I am also forwarding a bibliography of resources I have used in preparing
for a conference presentation that you may find helpful. In addition to
books there are some very helpful articles you may want to read.

Bryner, A. & Markova, D. (1996). An Unused Intelligence: Physical Thinking
for 21st Century Leadership. Berkely, CA: Conari Press.

Cavaluzzo, L. (1996). Enhancing Team Performance. Healthcare Forum
Journal, September/October, 1996, 57-9.

Chawla, S. & Renesch, J., eds. (1995). Learning Organizations: Developing
Cultures for Tomorrows Workplace. Portland, OR: Productivity Press.

Flower, J. (1996). We Are What We Can Learn. Healthcare Forum Journal,
39(4), 35-41. (interview with Daniel Kim)

Nevis, E.C., DiBella, A.J., & Gould, J.M. (1995). Understanding
Organizations as Learning Systems, Sloan Management Review, 36(2), 73-85.
Schein, E. H. (1996). Can Learning Cultures Evolve? The Systems Thinker,
7(6), 1-5.

Senge, P.M., Kleiner, A., Roberts, C.,Ross, R.B., & Smith, B.J. (1994).
The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook. New York: Doubleday.

Senge, P.M. (1990). The Leader's New Work: Building Learning
Organizations. Sloan Management Review, 32(1), 7-23.

Tonges, M.C. & Madden, M.J. (1993). Running the Vicious Cycle Backward
and Other Systems Solutions to Nursing Problems. Journal of Nursing
Administration, 23(1), 39-43.

Wardman, K. T., ed. (1994). Reflections on Creating Learning
Organizations. Cambridge, MA: Pegasus Communications, Inc.

Lastly, are you interested in audiotapes and videos? Those may be an
equally beneficial resource in personal development and in sharing
information with others who may not be so inclined to read about this

Janis Noone
Health Systems Consultant
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Peoria, IL


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