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Robert Watson (
Sun, 26 May 1996 22:48:21 +1000 (EST)

Given that a learning organisation is forever learning, how do individuals
or teams of individuals capture their learning and share it with other
individuals/teams so that the whole organisation moves "up" in its
abilities? Intuitively, any system which is computer based or paper based
will become a hurdle or barrier. On the other hand, just relying on people
to 'pass on the word' might be just too loose.

I have heard one brief reference to Ford(?) using an internal internet
called an intranet, but I don't have any details. Presumably it is a WWW
type thing with hot links through its information databases. Maybe such a
system would allow people to make changes at the workstation (which
captures the knowledge) and records who has read the new knowledge (which
shows who is learning) - but many types of techical knowledge bits could
need to be viewed by a subject matter expert first (?).

Any comments on what works, what doesn't?

Thanks in advance,
Robert Watson

Introducing myself:

I am a chemical engineer, turned TQM/QA professional, turned Human
Resources manager now working fulltime to design the people systems for a
new manufacturing facility making steel sections (angles and channels).

Being greenfield, we hope that we can avoid a lot of the paradigms in our
more established plants. We have looked at Miller/Trenton OH and Hills Pet
Nutrition/Richmond Vermont(?).

We are told that greenfields always begin with great shelves of training
manuals which, after the inital burst of training, simply gather dust,
since noone has yet devised a system which balances the need to record the
changed knowledge and the need to get on with the job!


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