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In partial answer to your question, The IntraNet Learning
Association(sm) is having I.V.L.U. Research conduct an online survey of
different organizations experience with intranets. The survey is
tentatively entitled, "IntraNet Integration: People and Processes."
People at Netscape, Microsoft, IBM, SGI, DEC, HP, SUN and AT&T have agreed
to review the survey draft. The survey will then go out to other
organizations who have built intranets. The idea is to look at what
applications intranets are being used for and to develop some criterea
which can be used to make comparisons from one organization to the next.
Teaching/communication of knowledge is a key benefit from implementing an
intranet. If anyone knows of any manufacturing organizations which would
like to participate in the online survey, please let me know.

Paul L. Schechter
The IntraNet Learning Association(sm)-T.I.L.A.(sm)

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