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Sun, 26 May 96 13:52:32 UT

Replying to LO7601 -- was US Army Future Search

The boot-camp follows the basic process of character building - seven
steps but I can't find any literature on it. See for information about traditional
methods of character development. The 7 steps are welcome - this is a
different place - cut the hair and uniforms, 2 the lesson, instruction in
how things work, ( this cycles back ) 3. The test and remorse - not good
enough - try harder 4. rejection 5. Think again - and reform 6. The
passage - you are now a member of the group 7. thanksgiving Joy in the
spirit of the group .. Follows the Method of the Soldiers of Christ the
Jesuits, the Sufi methods, the Mass, Mararenko, etc. Does anyone know a
theory that goes with bootcamp or is it just traditional practice that
works ?

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