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Since we have discussed future search conferencing as a method of
organizational learning from time to time on the list, I asked Harry
Christiansen for permission to repost this brief after-action report he
sent to the SEARCH list. Harry is also interested in learning
organizations, and will likely be joining us on the list soon.

He can be reached for further information at the email address below.

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Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 19:17:15 -0400
From: Harry Christiansen <christia@TEAMINFINITY.COM>
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Subject: US Army Future Search

The US Army conducted Character Development XXI (CD XXI) Future Search
Workshop, May 8-10, 1996, Atlanta, GA. Followed Weisbord/Janoff model
outlined in book Future Search.

Stakeholders: 67 stakeholders representing Academia, retired officers,
Air Force, Navy, Army education and training, Army HQ Staff, Army
Secretariat, Major Subordinate Commands, and others.

Task: Create a strategic framework to sustain an environment that
motivates soldiers and [Army] civilians to reason and act in a manner
consistent with enduring Army values.

Products: Five strategic goals with supporting objectives. The goals w/o
detail of objectives are:
1. Define Enduring Army Values. (We have these....want to ensure
still valid and accepted by all.)
2. Integrate Character Development policy, assessment, training,
education and marketing initiatives into current Army programs and systems.
3. Develop and implement Character Development training and education
to produce leaders of character for America's Army, which will be:
- Unit-focused, school supported, and self-development augmented.
- Sequential and progressive.
- Include opportunities for practice, feedback, and remediation.
4. A chain of command that is totally committed, personally involved,
and accountable to provide ethical, values-based, role models and
environments for soldiers and civilians.
5. Design a mechanism to measure effectiveness of Character
Development process across life cycle of individual and across all levels of

After Action Review: The process worked. Stakeholders excited about
process and committed to follow thru.
1. Took 2.5 hours for Task IV at Common Ground Wall for whole group to
agree on "what we want." I provided instructions for task and stayed out of
the way. Stakeholders did the work of formulating "what we want." The good
part is once whole group agreed on what they wanted, there was no doubt that
the goals were the right ones.
2. Remaining time allowed 2 hours for Task V. Stakeholders
self-selected the goal they wanted to work on.
3. Added Worksheet 13--Closure. Asked mixed groups to discuss and
report on: 1) What happened at workshop? 2) Why did it happen? and 3)
What could of been done differently?
4. Sponsor interested in applying Future Search process for other Army
strategic level projects.

Next Step: Flesh out supporting objectives and write plan with expected
implementation Summer 1997...this allows for resource allocation.

Thanks. I'm grateful to Tobin Quereau, M J Arul, Marv Weisbord, Sandra
Janoff, and Rita Schweitz for insightful comments and support.

Harry Christiansen

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