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On Thu, 23 May 1996 08:50 Bill Hendry wrote -

> Peter Senge, in the Systems Thinker from Feb. 1996, said that "the basic
> assumption that only top mgmt. can cause significant change is deeply
> disempowering. Why then, Senge asks, do we accept is to unquestioningly?
> Isn't it odd that we should seek to bring about less authoritarian
> cultures by resorting to hierarchical authority?
> As practitioners, I would caution continuing to act under the notion that
> nothing will happen without top management buy-in.

Our experience indicates that any boss can change his/her people to be
highly motivated, committed and creative team players who love to come to
work - and would achieve LO goals in the process - even if that boss's
boss does not buy in.

We do admit that the tools of doing this are not readily available, but
any boss can be successful within the confines of his/her authority. If
the remaining parts of the organization are operating on an entirely
different script, this makes the job more difficult but no where near
impossible. Your boss will go along with a different approach as long as
you don't throw it in his/her face and don't make an issue out of it. What
I recommend is not imcompatible with loyalty to your boss.

Regards, Joan
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