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>I am concerned that your suggestion that the Chief Executive has to
>diagnose the programs and develop the infrastructure to deliver them is
>too complex a task and beyond the wit of anyone.

Don't be concerned, since I didn't suggest that.

The role of the Chief Executive is to become informed about what is
possible, and to be advised as to how to enable that to happen.

I have "taught" at these universities during my checkered career: The
University of Missouri, Penn State University, the University of Illinois,
Purdue University, the University of Kansas, the University of Colorado,
the Ohio State University, the University of Virginia, the University of
Northern Iowa, and George Mason University. I have given talks at quite a
few other universities.

I have been in or chairman of department of electrical engineering in
engineering schools and a department of management in a business school.

I have also been outside that community as a professional researcher in
several business organizations.

>From that background, I took on the study of complexity in organizations,
and the study of human behavior as individuals and groups.

I have lectured at American Management Associations meetings of high-level
executives, and learned how poorly they understood their own

I have edited two systems journals, extending over a total period of about
13 years, and read countless academic papers about systems and

You can bet your boots I wouldn't be saying all that stuff if I couldn't
back it up in great detail. On the other hand, the chances of doing that
by email are negligible, because the subject is too deep and wide-ranging.

So what am I doing on the LO list? I am continuing to do research on how
people think about organizations and change; and now and then try to put
in a contribution where it looks like there might be some stickable

John N. Warfield



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