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Mon, 27 May 96 15:40:25 PDT

Replying to LO7617 --

My introduction:

My name is Cindy LaCroix, and I have been digesting this mailing list for
about a month now. I work for an electric public utility that is aware
that changes need to be made in the way we do business in order to remain
afloat during and after deregulation of our industry. I consider myself a
customer service representative both externally and internally. I have
always been very motivated towards learning and creating ways for passing
on knowledge and information; in other words "networking" makes my day!
I have finally gotten the guts to participate in this list because of
Robert's questions about the "intrAnet".

Our company is setting up an intranet system as a corporate communication
tool. It is still in its early stages and I have been asked to
participate on the focus group. I see the intranet as a way to empower
employees by giving them access to people who can help them find answers
to whatever business questions they might have, and so on, and so on.

One idea that I have to start this ball rolling is to ask employees
throughout our organization questions on the line of; "who is the jack of
all trades in your area", or, "who do you go to when you have no idea
where to start"? These people in my opinion are the "hub" of an
organization and would have the best ideas and the best networks available
to them to make an intranet successful.

Does anyone have any "food for thought" on this?


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