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Object-oriented bus planning ...Rick]

> Ed Swanstrom of Arthur D. Little has
> written briefly about this here on the LO list and recommended to me the
> book _Business Objects_ by David Taylor. ...Rick]

There are some notes about David Taylor's book "Business Engineering with
Object Technology" at


The information directly about the book is at the last of the file.
In conversation with him, he said that he thought that the notes
about his book were good, maybe useful would be a better word :) We
talked briefly online about putting up a WWW objects site. Maybe my
allusions or illusion of free access to information didn't sell well!
Partly to compensate for that, I added a training for pay option to
my WWW site.

There's also some info having to do with WWW design and the idea of
object-orientation at


Related to this is the method used to create the "Learning
Organization" search information. Don't know if that's a fair way to
describe the file. The method is based on some of the information
from the earlier references, though my implementation or use of it
was not so obvious to me that I could say that I followed it exactly.
The method is explained at


If anyone is still here, the "object" viewpoint has the potential of
making software development easier. The same viewpoint can be applied
to business planning directly - without software - in my opinion,
though the general effort in object-oriented books is showing how to
do programming projects. One phrase that has been used is
"responsibility-based design". There the responsibilities of a unit
or part of a program is the focus. What does this unit responsible
for? Another question would be, how will this capability or unit be
used by customers? From those and many other considerations, design
options are discovered and evaluated.

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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