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Replying to LO6778 --

Rick, found the following today and thought that it might be relevant to
what Ron Davison said about bringing the idea of learning organizations
into the mainstream.

The following is from Sun Microsystem's WWW site.

SunWorld Online Feature

"Distributed objects for business"

21st century corporations will be learning organizations Arie DeGeus of
Royal Dutch/Shell observed, "We understand that the only competitive
advantage the company of the future will have is its ability to learn
faster than its competitors."13 The next generation of computing will not
come easy. Both business and technology professionals must learn how to
think in fundamentally new ways. Mentoring and team learning are essential
to building a learning organization capable of keeping up with the rapidly
evolving object technology and business engineering. In his book, The
Blueprint for Business Objects,14 Peter Fingar makes it quite clear that
"corporate training as usual" no longer applies. As noted by Peter Senge,
systems thinking is at the core of the new corporate curriculum, and
business and technology professionals must learn general systems thinking.


[Host's Note: I have a number of friends who believe that examining our
business entitites, activities, and processes from an object-oriented
approach can be more effective in capturing and sharing knowledge about
how we do things. And in supporting redesign efforts. The approach is
quite similar to the methods of object-oriented software development and I
won't try to explain it here. Ed Swanstrom of Arthur D. Little has
written briefly about this here on the LO list and recommended to me the
book _Business Objects_ by David Taylor. ...Rick]

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