Object-oriented bus planning LO6879

Mon, 22 Apr 1996 09:02:17 -0400

Replying to LO6865 --

You want to talk about paradigms/mental models/maps, etc.

I read the change in topic to -Object oriented bus planning- and I said to
myself, hmmm, someone is dealing with transportation problems, this might
be of interest!!!!!

I had just finished working with a school bussing problem before I read
the message! Good grief. I cannot imagine how often my filters change
the messages that are sent. I'm glad I read the whole message.

[Host's Note: Sorry Joe. Normally I like to avoid jargon, but I'm feeling
constrained here -- it's important that the subject: line on LO msgs not
be too long. I thought "bus" was a safe abbreviation for "business"; that
just shows another mental model on my part. ...Rick]

Joe DIVincenzo



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