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I always get fired up by the big questions.

>From Ron

What if we were
to change the conversations that occurred wherever policy was debated,
discussed, or the subject of civil discourse? What if we were to move
from a conversation that involved and engaged the nearly 1800 of us to a
conversation that influenced the world?

How could the members of this group help become a catalyst for
transformation? Could we >a lot of possibilities followed.

=======END QUOTE=========

Part of me says it will happen one day. Out of a critical density of
connections and conversations something will emerge. See Kauffman's books
for the theory. Similar themes dance between different threads and I get
the impression the density of communication is hotting up even in the
short period I've been on the list.

Ron I need time to reflect on the possibilities - and I want to see
whether the Self-evident Truths enquiry Rol and I are involved in becomes
a tilt at a windmill or not.

I will offer to contribute possibilities if I feel someone is going to do
the job of compiling them and playing the discussion back. Do you want to
help people continue the conversation you have started?

If Price
The Harrow Partnership
Pewley Fort Guildford UK


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