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Replying to LO6829 --

Commenting on a question raised by Ron, quoted by If Price in A global
possibility ... LO6829:

Ron's original question was:

>What if we were to change the conversations that occurred wherever policy was
>debated, discussed, or the subject of civil discourse? What if we were to
>move from a conversation that involved and engaged the nearly 1800 of us to a
>conversation that influenced the world?

If comments:

>Part of me says it will happen one day. Out of a critical density of
>connections and conversations something will emerge. See Kauffman's books
>for the theory. Similar themes dance between different threads and I get
>the impression the density of communication is hotting up even in the
>short period I've been on the list.

I just posted a msg about interconnectedness, chaos and the purpose of
business, and would like to make a link between that msg and this idea.
We ARE influencing the world. Maybe we don't see the effects, but they
are there. We teach, converse, discuss, listen, analyze, etc., and it all
happens in context with other people. The only way we could not be
affecting the system is for us to be ignored, and I don't think that's
happening. The people on this list should look around and see that
they're in the middle of an evolutionary movement that will eventually (in
fact, is now) change the face of human organizations around the world and
for all time.

Buck up, folks, we're doing good work. Remember that just because we
can't see the fruit of our labors doesn't mean it ain't growing.



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