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Fri, 19 Apr 1996 18:42:28 -0700

Hello people out here...everywhere!

I sent Rol Fessendens' posting to my boss (actually our leader now...) the
high school principle of our campus, and I wanted to share his reply with

"I totally agree with his position.

Education I believe is already moving away from schools..... real world (
in the sense of school complement ) is taking place just as in previous
days before school started ( onthologically and anthropologically ) and
mankind is preparing itself as for a restatement of education.. every one
as teacher,everwhere as classroom As you pointed out a couple of years
ago, technology is moving yet to slowly for the necessary change in
dispersion of educational needs, before we look forward the educational
renaissance we will pass through an obscure middle age of educational
technology, until this is available to the common person. "

I think that as we adopt a more "human" perspective of education, with
knowledge (both factual and procedural) available to all via effective
communications systems, the future perspective for education will become
an extremely interesting type of aprenticeship with "educational
institutions" as centers for team integration and "teaching" a
sharing-guiding based on estreme expertese... as with any "futuristic
vision" this is IMOHO..

Enrique Fuentes


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