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Ram Sundaram (sundar@sriven.scs.co.in)
Wed, 24 Apr 96 15:31 GMT+0500

Replying to LO6888 --

>Re: A global possibility ... LO6888
>We ARE influencing the world. Maybe we don't see the effects, but they
>are there. We teach, converse, discuss, listen, analyze, etc., and it all
>happens in context with other people.


I agree with you when you say we are changing the world. I think If and Ron
were addressing the visible benefits of our effort which "sets the
adrenaline flowing" to do more.


The Shark - He glides silently , focused on his prey , giving no clue
whatsoever of his presence.
And when he attacks, its usually for a clean , effortless kill.


sundar@sriven.scs.co.in (Ram Sundaram)

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