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John Paul Fullerton[SMTP:jpf@mail.myriad.net] wrote:
>> [...Ed Swanstrom of Arthur D. Little has
>> written briefly about this here on the LO list and recommended to me =
>> book _Business Objects_ by David Taylor. ...Rick]
>There are some notes about David Taylor's book "Business Engineering =
>Object Technology" at
> http://www.rtis.com/nat/user/jfullerton/objects.htm
>If anyone is still here, the "object" viewpoint has the potential of=20
>making software development easier. The same viewpoint can be applied=20
>to business planning directly - without software - in my opinion,=20
>though the general effort in object-oriented books is showing how to=20
>do programming projects. One phrase that has been used is=20
>"responsibility-based design". There the responsibilities of a unit=20
>or part of a program is the focus. What does this unit responsible=20
>for? Another question would be, how will this capability or unit be=20
>used by customers? From those and many other considerations, design=20
>options are discovered and evaluated.

John Paul's extension of the oo approach is one that interests me =
greatly. It is in use in the Agile Manufacturing and Virtual =
Organization area, but is not as well specified as the information shown =
on John Paul's web. Instances of objects in the LO arena are the =
controversial archetypes, and management flight simulators (in my view =
of the plant, every organization should have a learning laboratory, or =
at least rename the cafeteria). Implementations may differ, but the =
kernel elements will remain.

Other instances of objects common to the development of systems are the =
elements of control an feedback suggested in the ISO9000 series of =
models. The latest addition to the series is a model for educational =
institutions. =20


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