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Mon, 22 Apr 96 13:32 GMT+0500

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>I agree with Jacqueline that business and education must be partners. But
>it's difficult to see a happy marriage when corporations arte increasingly
>eliminating tuition reimbursement for "non-business related courses" like
>history, English Lit. etc.
> Ray LaManna


I do agree that business and education must be partners. But IMHO the
reasons for an "unhapppy marriage" are : neither fully understands

. what its doing out there
. what its responsibility to the other is
. what its resposibility to the community is

Education does not promote team culture and business does not get fully
involved to show why team culture is an essential skill. I know the latest
"in-thing" in grad schools is teams/cohorts/whatever-the-jargon-is but its
not universal. The pace at which global perspectives are adopted by
business is not maintained by education. And education ,at large, fails to
deliver a "learning individual". How many times have we realised that the
move from school to work is a transition from a small classroom to a
larger one ? Do we need to relook at what "education" means ? *Scaring* Or
do we stop distinguishing between education and business and create a more
comprehensive entity ? *Exciting* Moreoever we , who have been lucky to be
educated yesterday, are part of the business community today. So what's
our responsibility ?

The Shark - He glides silently , focused on his prey , giving no clue
whatsoever of his presence.
And when he attacks, its usually for a clean , effortless kill.

-- (Ram Sundaram)

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