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>After about half an hour, one of the four looked at her watch
>and reminded everyone that the movie started in ten minutes! The debate
>stopped, they paid their bill, and literally ran off hand in hand down the
>block to the movie house nearby. That happens less in this country, that
>ability to tune in and tune out of discussions which, though heated, are
>not attacks on the persona.

Good point - we American's take everything so personally that it seems
difficult for us to hold things at arms length-or at least far enough away
to be able to view the topic.

I wonder if this is why we are in such a management muddle these days -
where no one will take on responsibility and so many decisions are being
made by outside consultants - no one to blame but the outsider -

Would love to hear what others of you have encountered during interactions
with client companies - your own companies as far as this is concerned. I
believe that this is the crux of real dialogue and therefore at the heart
of the learning organization. -

J.C. Dixon
MatchPlay...because change is inevitable but growth is optional



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