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Thu, 08 Feb 1996 10:05:52 +0100

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Hi !

An interesting dialogue on leadership you are inviting to. The discussion
on different types of leaders is well known from much of the leadership
litterature, and the dichotomy leader - manager is the most common one.
If you recall Aristotles intellectual virtues, we might say that what
characterizes the leader is phronesis (prudence), while the manager is
better described by episteme and techne. Reasonableness and rationality
describes the same differences. The connection to the "Unicorn" - The
Learning Organization" - is obvious.

I have a question to you: some (12) years ago I read a book by Christopher
Hodkinson (1983) : The Philosophy of Leadership, Basil Blackwell, England
(ISBN 0-631-13082-9). Are anyone of you familiar with this book ? I found
the book difficult to read at that time. Nevertheless, it still pops up
in my mind when anyone mention the words leadership or management, because
it discusses these words in a way I've never seen in any traditional
management litterature. If you know the book well, could you take the
effort to try to combine it with the idea of the learning organization ?
It would make an interesting scientific article. I would like to do it
myself, but my thesis time schedule prevents me from doing so. The idea is
for free - hope somebody grabs it.

Good luck

-- wiggo

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