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On Wed, 7 Feb 1996 GMBrady@aol.com wrote:

> I know of no university
> offering a doctorate in "how to make it all fit together systemically."
> Not only is there little interest in or provision for the generalist's
> perspective, most students barely tolerate _any_ academic requirement not
> solidly within their majors.

I found a school named "The Union Institute" at http://www.tui.edu It's
supposed to prize interdisciplinary study. Is "interdisciplinary" what
you mean by "fit together systemically"? It has no course requirements, so
there are no "majors" involved.

I want to synthesize my doctoral work from multiple domains/disciplines/
fields; computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, systems
thinking, virtual reality, management, cognitive science, philosophy,
anthropology, etc. so I figure that this school would be well suited to my
goals. I'll probably assemble a group for my doctoral committee by
selecting experts from each field according to pre-defined criteria.

Hopefully the tangible product of my doctoral work will be the tools I've
described previously here that I want to build. Maybe this is wishful
thinking, but hopefully it will be as neat and monumental as Ivan
Sutherland's "Sketchpad".

I will need about 6 months before I can ramp-up my capabilities to learn
and master all the required material - about 800 books worth - 256 MBytes
of information. Some British master's programmes require mastery of 10 MB
of material BTW.

I'm not even sure I need a doctorate to build these tools or to get the
side benefits, but it would be nice to have an excuse to get all these
great people into the same room to hash out ideas and to get peer
recognition for the quality of my work after the 2-3 year program is over
and I've spent $30 000.

What would be really great is if some people from LO would want to do
their doctoral programs simultaneously so we could have an excuse to hash
out ideas from multiple doctoral committee members.

I know one LO member is interested.... It would be great if we could get
some systems thinking experts.... Forrester? Khalid Saeed? I think a few
VR researchers would be interested too... Who knows?

Andrew Moreno

Andrew Moreno <amoreno@broken.ranch.org>

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