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Quoting from the "Objectives of the Graduate School" section from the
Union's handbook

"The Graduate School expects learners to organize their programs to
include interdisciplinary study, which takes them beyond traditional
boundaries.By examining the tensions and relations between fields as
defined, they have the opportunity to reorder or redefine existing
constructions of knowledge; and to discover new meanings and relationships
between facts, theories, and methods. By pushing back the frontiers of
knowledge, they can engage in new modes of inquiry while building upon the
foundation of those long established."

I have found that the limits on interdisciplinary study are self-defined
by the learners in the programs (by their definition of how extensive
their field of study will be), and not by the school, faculty, adjuncts,
or peers who make up the learner' doctoral committee.

Hope this helps.

Herb Rau
National Semiconductor
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