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9 Feb 1996 08:21:34 -0500

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While I will not be of immediate assistance with a story from the
workplace, I want to climb the ladder of abstraction to a broader view of
your plan. Let me share an event in my town (pop. 23,000).

Last week at the high school, two morning periods were given over to a
"career day". About 125 people from all kinds of trades and professions
gave one or two presentations to students who circulated around the school
rooms to those employment topics which most interested them. They had
received a list to choose from before the event.

It was stressed to all participants that the emphasis to students should
be placed on true qualities, characteristics, skills, etc. which are part
of the job. In other words, make it real, explain as best as possible
what is really needed if you consider or plan on applying for and doing a
particular job. 25 individuals from my company participated, including
several engineers, a product market specialist, a marketing communications
specialist, machine center operator, machine technical support specialist,
executive secretary, and others. Computer use was front and center for
quite a few of us.

Apparently the program was a success in this first attempt. I trust the
second iteration will incorporate improvements.

I suspect, Ginger, that this is not what you had in mind, but I am
presumptuous enough to think it's worth sharing with this great list of
people who pursue concepts of how learning is organized.

My best,

Barry Mallis

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