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Virginia I. Shafer (
Wed, 7 Feb 1996 22:59:18 -0700

Fellow List Participants (including that incredible number of people
dwelling at the fringe),

I am working on a project that will be bringing middle and secondary
school vocational-technical teachers together with business
representatives. The purpose of the gathering is to provide the teachers
with up-to-date information and materials to teach employability skills

Now, some of that is more educator jargon than I can explain, but one of
my contributions to the effort is to collect scenarios, or
stories--vignettes. These stories would be provided to the teachers so
they can demonstrate, with real situations, the basic skills necessary for
their students to begin working life on a positive footing. I envision
stories of creative approaches to problem solving, extra-ordinary customer
service, or even "random acts of kindness" that got someone through there
first challenge. My personal bias is to keep the stories on the positive
side. Although, if the story fits, share it, even if it's a negative
example--what NOT to do. (How many nose rings are allowed by OSHA

As others have said before, this list enjoys such a delightful,
cosmopolitan blend of people with equally diverse experience. Whatever
you can provide will be valuable. I would prefer you post any stories to
me directly unless you feel compelled to share with the list for broader

I thank you all in advance for helping.

Ginger Shafer
The Leadership Dimension
"Bringing Leadership to Life"

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