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Thu, 08 Feb 96 16:40:08 EST

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These aren't directly bosses vs leaders, but I believe the boss is
obsolete and some dinosaurs are just sticking around. IF you aren't
working towards being a leader, you aren't going to be working.

Here's some thoughts from Daniel Burrus on the changing roles in managment:

>From To
Management Leadership
Cheerleaders Visionaries
Focus on Process Focus on strategy
Manage by control Manage by commitment
Decision by command Decision by consensus
Accepting status quo Taking risks
Reacting to change Initiating change
Managing todays crisis Managing tomorrows opportunities today
Solving todays problems Solving tomorrows problems today
Individual work Teamwork
Controlling others Empowering others
Negative reinforcment Positive reinforcment of good behaviour
of bad behaviour
Fixing the blame Fixing the problem
Taking credit Giving acknowledgements
Periodic improvements Continuous improvements
Organization man Migrant professional
Centralized decision making Decentralized decision making
Reward and promote by seniority
Reward and promote by performance

Focus on task Focus on process
Job titles Job skills
Individual values Shared values
Isolated specialists Multi-skilled generalists
Work with hands Work with your brains
Workers gloves protect Workers gloves protect product
Upgrading technology Upgrading people
Periodic training Just in time training
Job Security Job adaptability
Guarantee your employment Guarantee your employability
Retirement at 65 Re-engagement several times in life.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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