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> Can we look at this issue differently?......

> Try to envision this.... You work for a company that pays you a full
> years salary and allows you 2-3 months off and provides the
> opportunity for retraining

Let me propose a system used in Nuclear Submarines. The skills and
experience required at different levels of work are documented. The
education and on-the-job experience needed to assure that the skills and
experience have been gained are documented. This second document became
the sailor's and officer's way to promotion, more responsibility, and more

The system was designed to provide the needed skills at the organization
over time. It was (and I think is) akin to just in time parts, we called
it just in time training.

In a business environment we may have the following scenario:

Hire employee with minimum skills and provide them with a roadmap of
advancement. This is a list of the training and experience needed to
advance to the next level for each level in the career progression.
Commit to the employee to provide the training and to have company people
work with them to get the required practical experience.

Note the covenant made among the employees and the "company" - we are all
involved in helping everyone advance.

Like most simple concepts this is hard to design and balance. The
advancement must not be so easy that everyone can pass from stage to
stage. The advancement must also be tuned to the requirements. People
who leave a level must be replaced but a level must not become congested
and the people required to do the work of the level they just graduated
out of. It is this tuning and balancing that is very difficult. One must
look at the whole system of supply and demand for skills and experience
throughout the whole organization.

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