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Replying to William J. Hobler, Jr LO5461 --
>In a business environment we may have the following scenario:

> Hire employee with minimum skills and provide them with a roadmap
> of advancement. This is a list of the training and experience needed to
> advance to the next level for each level in the career progression.
> Commit to the employee to provide the training and to have company
> people work with them to get the required practical experience.

Thank you for your reply. You referenced the advancement of
individuals in context to submarine work. I was wondering what
happens when an individual who is following the roadmap for
navigation positions really wants to move to..say... communications?
This happens frequently in businesses where the risk of losing one's job
is low or the fear is so great that the person looks for safety in other
positions. In any case, they want a significant change and need the
training to acquire the skills. In business, this is usually supported
(tuition reimbursement) but expected to occur off-hours on the persons
own time.

For now...
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