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David Wrote:

>Here in the U.S. our teachers work and get paid for 9 months.
>During the 3 months off, many return to school to refresh their
>skills and to obtain higher accreditation. Upon completion of
>their training, they often receive greater pay. If a company
>would adopt a similar approach with their people, would they
>reinforce people's willingness to learn and to attain new skills?
>(maybe I'm not making sense)

You are making a lot of sense. I do think, however, that successful
companies are already doing some of this. Often the pay for additional
training and give company time in order for the training to be completed.
I do not know if addition pay accompanies the additional learning.

Usually, in the US teaching profession, the teacher underwrites the
continuing education, not the school districts/systems. Therefore, the
pay increase incentive. (which usually doen't cover the cost of the course
work for several years!!)

I've companies don't have some carrots out there (addition pay, benefits,
etc) I wonder if they'll be able to hold onto those that are willing to
learn. My guess is if they do not reward, the 'learner' will go elswhere.
"free agent' status.

Joe DIVincenzo

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