Intro -- Chris Costello LO5464
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 19:05:55 -0500


I have come 'round to learning organization concepts via the study of
complexity and the application of biological concepts to problems outside
the boundaries of the scientific domain. A graduate student at the
Institute of Design, Chicago, Illinois, my thesis work is focused on a
plan for the development of management simulation software for healthcare
organizations -a product akin to the management flight simulators
discussed in Senge's Field book.

certain that i have more questions than this forum has room for, i hope to
read a few days worth of mail to gain an understanding of the scope of
discussions...briefly though, examining deeply held work assumptions,
decision-making, integrating learning into everyday practice and modeling
healthcare are areas of intense "mental wrestling" for me.

i look forward to participating in the dialogue.

Chris Costello

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