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Re: Rol's comment:Therefore, one could argue that
downsizing has freed up middle managers for work
that is more productive, and therefore has contributed
to the current economic growth patterns.

I think this is a case of perception being reality.
While I don't disagree that more jobs have been created
than have been lost, I think the level of insecurity has
sky rocketed and trust has been devastated.

In some recent work with AT&T (in a group that would
probably survive the current upheaval) I found an incredible
level of fear. And, because most of us have been through
a downsizing by now (as a victim or survivor) or have been
closely associated with a family member or friend who has
gone through it, all of us can imagine it happening to us.

This fear, insecurity and lack of mutual trust has to
negatively impact our productivity and willingness to take
risk, suggest new ideas or buck an unpopular trend.

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