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13 Feb 96 07:40:35 EST

Replying to LO5478 --

Don Clarke suggested that "if the compensation staff determined the
compensation of both the stockholders and the employees, as part of the
same compensation system, perhaps the compensation staff (and others)
would have less of a problem in determining who their customer is."

Good point! But since the "compensation" of stockholders is determined by
Wall Street and, to a lesser degree, by Boards of Directors in the form of
dividends, our Corporation governance system doesn't really allow for

Don then asks "Are employees stockholders too?" In this company they
aren't. But I believe this is at least a key to the resolution of their
differing perspectives. Through employee stock ownership plans, employees
begin to think more like stockholders. How can we help non-employee
stockholders think more like employees?

Thanks for your provocative comments.

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