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Tue, 13 Feb 1996 08:45:30 -0600 (CST)

Dear Colleagues:

I am currently collecting data for a doctoral research project
addressing the validity and reliability of the "PACE Temperament
Sorter Preference Indicator"; a temperament-based adult learning
style indicator developed by Marie Elkin. The PACE instrument is a
two-part, ipsative, non-forced-choice, self-assessment of temperament
preference based upon the works of Carbo, Golay, Hill, Johnson,
Keirsey, Kolb, Kroeger, Lawrence, and Myers. The PACE instrument
attempts to categorize adult learning behavior patterns into one of
four categories: Player, Analyst, Care Giver, or Expressor.

The research project consists of four phases; Phase One
utilizes a factor analysis to test the construct validity of the
instrument, Phase Two measures the content validity of the
instrument, Phase Three correlates PACE and Myers-Briggs Type
Indicator scores, and Phase Four consists of a test-retest

At this time I am seeking assistance for additional data in
phases two and three. Participants in Phase Two will be provided a
full desciption of the PACE temperaments and their indicators.
They are then asked to "predict" a PACE temperament based upon the
information provided and to administer the instrument to record both
"predicted" and "actual" PACE scores. Phase Three participants will
need to administer the PACE in conjunction with the MBTI and record
both scores.

I would like to complete all data collection by the end of March.
If you are interested in assisting with either Phase Two or Three,
please email your interest to the address listed below. Do not send
your responses to the newsgroup or host. Participation in this
project is entirely voluntary and subjects may withdraw at any time.
All data will be used for research purposes only and the names of the
participants will not be connected to any information or scores.

Thank you for your assistance.


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